Every day, more people are trying to approach the fast-changing media environment through different tools, tools that consumers will find helpful. In times when people rarely sit down to read a newspaper, the Internet has proven to be a successful forum for a quick overview of the day’s news. Either they read it on their mobile devices–smart phones, Ipads, Kindles– or quickly visit the newspaper’s online website.

Pinyadda is one more approach. It tries to combine every popular forum out there, including Facebook and Twitter, but with a fun spin.  It allows people to create a profile and follow their interests.  After test-trying it, I feel a bit uneasy about Pinyadda. First of all, it’s not easy to find in a normal Google search. I had to click the link on Dan Kennedy’s assignment post to get to the home page. Secondly, it’s quite hard to get around the site, mainly because hitting the “back” button never takes you back to the previous page. Not that these quirks are a main issue, but they do distract the reader, who just wants an easy way to get through his or her interests.

The idea of having “killer badges” and “yadda points” just makes this whole website a bit childish for my taste. The more stories I pin and the more I participate in Pinyadda, the more badges and points I will get. This just reminds me of a game I used to play in the sixth grade, where I had to unlock keys to reach a new level. On the other hand,  I think the Newsstand is very original. Its categories are well distributed and offer the viewer numerous options to chose from. You can also do a quick find to find a person, site or topic. I have to admit that most of the things I’m interested in are offered in the Newsstand.

The following aspect of Pinyadda reminds me of Twitter, which I never, ever use. I like following certain topics and organizations, but I hate the fact that random people can follow you, when you don’t even know them. The topics you follow appear on the left side of your profile and you can arrange these in folders, which I’m a fan of,  or simply organize them however you like. It’s easy to accommodate them by dragging them.

One of the things I do like is the idea of pinning stories. It’s very easy to use and immediately appear in your home page. Also, when I’m following a magazine, for example, I can click on it and choose which section I want news from, which is very helpful when you’re into fashion, but not exercising.

Notifications, the Facebook aspect of it, works. I think it’s the simplest way of showing you how many people are following you, who pinned you in a story, etc. On the right side of my profile, I can see my followers, the ones I’m following and  how many sites and topics I’m following. I like this because it’s kind of a summary of your participation in Pinyadda.

With everything I’ve learned from Pinyadda, I’d have to say that I think no one would really use this to find breaking stories online. I think it works perfectly for our class, for example, because we have blogs and like to follow certain beats. Pinyadda is perfect for it! As we’ve said in class, it can replace Google Reader and it’s 100,000 alerts per day. You just login to your Pinyadda account, click on environmentalism, and have a quick overview of what’s happening on the web related to your topic.

I think Pinyadda has a long way to go and it can definitely be successful, but not for hard news. I don’t think people will say: “Go on Pinyadda and read about the huge fire in Boston!”  I think people can use it as an alternative to finding everything they like without surfing the web for two hours. It’s nice for a person who reads three newspapers and five blogs, for example, because you can follow each one and have it right there at your convenience.

For now, my profile has a ROOKIE stamp, I have the Paperboy Badge, which is my first pin, and have 33 Yadda Points. I guess the game is only beginning. Take a look for yourself by clicking here.


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